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Get to know Krista

My name is Krista Barton and Im from the beautiful province of New Brunswick Canada. It is a privilege to have all the breath taking views we get here in the winter and fall months. It’s cold but it sure is pretty and inspirational! Especially in our wooded walking trails.

My dream is to live in Ireland or Italy and to meet all the people and learn all their stories and cultures. Different places and the people that populate them intrigue me to no end!

I am a mom of three littles and they are my world. My middle little has sensory processing disorder and we are learning about this as we go. What an amazing thing the human brain truly is! It never ceases to amaze me watching him overcome challenges with such unique perspectives! All three of my children have inspired me and teach me new things every day!

My writing and reading are as sporadic as my Spotify playlist. My favourite tropes are Romance, Dark Mafia, RomCom, Urban Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, and Contemporary fiction. I also enjoy the odd biography and history novel. Because of my kids I also have extensive knowledge of childrens literature. So if your looking for a book recommendation you have come to the right place! I also have a book group over on Facebook called Boulevard of Bookish Boyfriends. My current book boyfriend is Dylan Murphy from Christopher Harlan’s smash hit Secret Keeper aka book cover model extraordinaire Scott Benton. And I’m not sharing ladies Sorry Not Sorry!

English and language arts were naturally my favourite subjects in school, although that was many moons ago. This led me to be a daydreamer and always have my nose in a book. I currently have five bookshelves and I need a few more haha!

If Im not reading,writing or momming the littles you will usually find me sewing sock monkeys,a whole different story for another day, or chilling with my cats Meeka, Myles, and Molly. I enjoy the tranquillity that a peaceful walk in nature brings me and I m excited to share my journey with you guys!

Xoxo 🦋💖Peace Love and Butterfly Wishes🦋💖 Xoxo

Krista Barton

Published by kristaiswriting

Writer, Mother of three, Wanderlust Soul, Freelancer, Blogger, Cat Lover, Sharing my Journey

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