📚A peek inside my book shelves📚

I think this book cover sums up the general emotion of Melissa’s heart gripping journey of surviving this surprising turn of traumatizing events!

A visit Melissa Fung will never forget! 2008
Melissa Fung standing strong in the face of uncertainty 💪🏻 Such a beautiful role model for girls everywhere!
Melissa Fung speaking on surviving being held captive by terrorists in Afghanistan and surviving to tell her story to the world 🌎

Once a week I’ve decided to do an article about a book that I have on my bookshelf. This weeks book is

Under An Afghan Sky by Melissa Fung.

Under An Afghan Sky was an eye opening look at a culture that is commonly misunderstood and frequently misinterpreted. It was a heart gripping emotional page turner and I find myself wondering if I would have made the same choices? This book captivated me and I felt like I was right there beside her!

This book has stuck with me ever since I stumbled upon it at a book sale table at my local BMO bank a few years ago and I am so lucky to have found this gem! I’m always finding the best books at these kind of places and I swear by them! That’s probably why my collection has 250+ and is still growing! My so doesn’t think it’s such an impressive talent but Bookstagram does!
It is a true story that captivated me from beginning until end. It gave me a glimpse into what life is like as a prisoner held captive in Afghanistan and how friendships can blossom anywheres. Even in the most dire of circumstances!

This one definently gets

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The blurb on amazon says:

“In October 2008, Mellissa Fung, a long-time reporter for CBC’s The National, was leaving a refugee camp outside of Kabul. Suddenly, she was grabbed by armed men claiming to be Taliban, stabbed, stuffed into the back of a car and driven off into the desert. When the group finally reached a village in the middle of nowhere, her kidnappers pushed her towards a hole in the ground. For twenty-eight days, Mellissa Fung lived in that hole, which was barely big enough to stand up or lie down in, nursing her injuries, praying, writing in her notebook and, as a veteran journalist, interrogating her own captors. Under an Afghan Sky is the gripping tale of Fung’s days in captivity, and a powerful book about survival and the indomitable spirit of one woman in the most perilous of circumstances.”

You can purchase a paperback or kindle copy for your own shelf at :

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