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Indie Authors I love ❤️

An Indie Author as defined by has the following traits.

  • You have self-published at least one book.
  • You see yourself as the creative director of your books, from conception to completion through marketing, promotion, and beyond.
  • You also see yourself as the creative director of your author-business. In any partnership you negotiate, whether with a paid service, a trade-publisher or a literary agent, you expect your status as rights holder and creative director to be acknowledged in payment, terms and conditions.
  • You are proud of your indie status and carry that self-respect into all your ventures, negotiations, and collaborations, for your own benefit and to benefit all writers.

With that being said I have curated a list of all my instant one click indie authors to share with you guys and someday I hope to see my own name on a readers list for indie authors that they one click.What a gratification that would bring me!
My debut novel is coming along well and the words are flowing so smoothly at this current time! I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something I have always wanted to do and it leads me to wonder if it is simply this feeling of achievement that the typical Indie author is chasing? I mean, I know money is obviously a great motivator for established writers, but is this feeling of actually putting your stories out into the world and having people acknowledge and possibly even praise you for your work more beneficial for a persons creativeness than the cash aspect of it?

I know for me I’m not just chasing words and dreams, the money would be nice no doubt, but I’m chasing a feeling! A feeling that nothing else in this world brings me. To see my words in print would be a dream come true for a small town girl like myself. The feeling of having my daughter look at my work and say “My Mom did that!” I am passionate about my writing and I hope it shows through my pages and inspires people to follow their dreams! Thanks for being here and helping me make my dreams come true! I couldn’t do this without this amazing writing community that I have recently found online. I appreciate all of my readers and if you have any suggestions or questions please leave them in the comments!
And without further ado here is my ever growing list of indie authors everyone should be reading with a book recommendation from me to start you out in their worlds!

There you have it folks. These are my favorite indie authors so far. I’m sure there are tons more that I’m not thinking of at the moment but I am getting ready to make Paper Bag Princess costumes with my littles for Paper Bag Princess Week so motherhood calls I suppose. I’ll be back to update this list often so check back soon! As always if you have any list suggestions you would like to see in the future send me a message or put them in the comments! I love hearing what you guys think! I’d also love to know who your favorite indie authors are. Let me know in the comments.


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