Dangerous Romance Club Rep Search

Today I found a rep search being hosted by @DangerousRomanceClub over on Instagram. I am so obsessed with Dark Romance at the moment and am literally devouring every mafia book I can find! (I go on trope kicks!) I’m currently reading The Devil Wears Black by the super talented L J Shen and The Kiss Theif by her as well. I can’t put either down and am finding it hard to switch between the two because they are both so captivating!

So naturally since I’m so obsessed with the Bad Boys of the Romance world I just had to submit a video. I am just dreaming of the book box filled with goodies I may receive to unbox for all of you wonderful curious reader friends! And I would get a discount code to share with you guys too! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that I get picked as there are plenty of great talents competing! I think my video is pretty aweome for it being my first time making one like this. I’ve never entered a rep search before and this one truly seemed like my calling so I’m praying to the Reading Gods tonight! Here’s my video and I’m hoping you guys will let me know what you think in the comments! Wish me luck fellow readers!

I’d also like to wish all the other creators entering Good Luck and Happy Reading! I love seeing what you guys come up with too! Your all so inspiring and I’m proud to be a part of this bookish community we have created!

Get those collages and videos in for the #dangerousromancerep search! Hit up their insta for all the details! I’ve posted some screenshots below you can use for references too 💖 I will post my reviews of L J Shens amazing new books in a day or so as well so I can make you guys all want them too 📚 💖🦋SunshineWishesAndButterflyKisses🦋💖

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