Perseid Meteor Shower 2021

My son has high functioning autism with sensory processing disorder and he is so infatuated with the planets and the sky. Space has always been one of his passions ever since he was a baby. He would watch space shows and even cartoons. He builds models of the solar system and can tell me just about anything I could ask about the stars. He is currently obsessed with constellations so we are learning them together. I kind of use it as our mommy and me time! My other two aren’t as interested in planets and they tend to go do their own thing while we watch the newest videos and read about the meteor showers.

Actual photo of me listening to my son tell me random facts about the solar system!

This year he was lucky enough to have gotten a telescope from his grampy at Christmas. So naturally, we went out late at night, trucked up to the darkest field we could find within walking distance and took in the incredible sight that is the Perseid Meteor Shower of 2021 and I regret nothing .

The telescope was a pain in the side, literally, to carry all the way up there. My three rambunctious children were running around wild and you could feel the excitement humming in the air as we got the telescope set up for them. They each took a long look in amazement taking in the comets passing over the dark sky above squealing in delight with each flaming ball.

Meanwhile I watched in wondrous delight as each child squealed and jumped up and down excitedly awaiting their turn. There’s something so very magical about the look on a child’s face as they take in the wonders of the night sky. Especially during such a huge event. We have never seen anything quite like the Perseid Meteor Shower before and I hope we can catch the next one called Draconids on October 8 2021. I wanted to share some pics of our fun adventure with all of you and give you a chance to see what we saw!

I will be sure to post about it when we go to view the next one in October! Be sure to click my linktree below and follow me to keep up with our space adventures! And leave a comment letting me know if you caught the Perseid Meteor Shower and what you thought!

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