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Donation Links For My Flood are Live!!

I am an only parent to three littles and I have lived in this apartment in Saint John NB Canada for 11 going on 12 years. The building is owned by NB Housing and I’m in a 3 bdrm townhouse with an upstairs, downstairs and a full basement. My washer and dryer hook ups are in the basement so I have to put them down there. My basement has always flooded, usually only a small amount and it goes back down, and I have always cleaned it myself with the help of a couple friends, only calling and complaining when the water was really dirty and stinky. Basically I won’t clean it when I know it is sewage. It’s unhealthy and unsanitary and quite frankly it isn’t my job. Not to mention that the water goes up over my plug and it is dangerous for me to step in it.

So this month when it flooded it was ridiculous! The first flood they had service master bring in a air purifier thing. They ere supposed to come back the next day to spray clean. The dehumidifier is still sitting in my basement one month later. It has been hit by multiple floods now and they still have not come back to clean after telling me to move all of my items from the basement as they will not move anything at all. So me and my kids moved all my stuff to the backyard and my living room/kitchen area. And there it resides making it so we can’t even use our living room tv.

I flooded four times in a two week period and I am waiting for another one tonight. The fourth flood was as deep as my waist and I couldn’t even make it to turn off the electricity on the breaker before it came shooting up into the air and up my sink.

The water was brown and sludgy and the smell that I am dealing with currently is similar to that of a dead carcus that has been sitting in the sun. It’s again not healthy or sanitary for me and my children to breathe these fumes in and no matter how much I clean or block the doorway we can smell it all the way on the top floor! It’s rancid!

I have no cleaner left to clean it as I used it all in the first few floods and am in desperate need of some help! I have no meat to feed my family and we are living on the bare essentials, just hoping we can borrow enough to make it the next week until I get my ccb check. I have no way of doing laundry for my family and it is currently piling up my wall leaving me to wash clothes in my bathtub, which the taps aren’t working on, and hang dry them around my house. I feel so hopeless right now. It seems like I don’t have enough hours in the day to get this all done. I lugged it all to the laundry mat last time but I have literally no funds to do that. And it’s not easy for a 100lb at most girl to lug laundry and three kids the 5 blocks or so it is from my house to get to the laundromat. But as I said I’m not a complainer and we learned to make due. This time I just can’t!

I have been in contact with NB Housing, the city, mayor and politicians. Housing is saying they aren’t going to help me. I have no clue what to even do at this point. I have no money to hire a lawyer and wouldn’t even know where to begin if I did.

I am trying to make enough money to replace my washer and dryer and to survive until I can save enough to move out of here. Even enough for some groceries would be so appreciated.

My main goal is to survive and hopefully make a downpayment on a new apartment. My rent in housing is only $350 and a regular 3-4 bdrm is ranging anywheres from 900-1400 currently so that even seems like an impossible task on top of all of this at the moment!

My beautiful daughter trying to help me clean up the mess. She’s such a big mommas girl and always the first to help me out!

I am a very stubborn and independent person and I don’t typically ask for help. Not even from my mother usually. I am very self sufficient and can normally make due with what I have. I am no stranger to rough times but I’m honestly not sure how I’ll make it through this without help! I’m beyond embarrassed and mortified to have to do this but I can’t come up with another solution. Please be kind and remember that even if you can’t donate every share counts! Creating awareness for my cause is just as important and it’s free to hit that share button and help a hopeless mother get her story heard. Thanks in advance as every share and donation is very appreciated! The donate link is below:

If you want to follow along my story and watch me flood on my tiktok live feed or hear about some upcoming books and what I’m currently reading please feel free to click all my links:

One Page At A Time Fundraiser to replace Washer, Dryer and Deepfreeze! Thanks in advance. Donate

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