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Teaser Reveal The Don By Serena Akeroyd

TEASER REVEAL! The Don by Serena Akeroyd releases August 26!

There are millions of people in this city who should fear me… but she was not one of them.

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A chance meeting brings Jen MacNeill into my life—the woman born to reign at my side.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

How could my Lady be anything other than a silken promise taunting me with every breath she takes?

A new Don reigns over Manhattan.

But though I won the war, peace isn’t easily brokered.

Over a decade of avenging my father’s death, I made many enemies.

To each and every one, Jen’s a target.

But I’ll paint NYC red before I let them harm her.

I just never imagined I’d be in the line of fire first… 

A heart broken by grief can feel no guilt or shame with the brutality in which vengeance is delivered.


#2 The Lady – Releasing September 2





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