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One Page At A Time Designs is in Need of Donations!

This is the link to donate to my flood recoup fund on my new store One Page At A Time Designs and any and all help is greatly appreciated💖 Me and my little family have lost our washer dryer and deepfreeze full of food, amongst many other things I don’t have time to list, in the past month due to flooding and that’s just tip of the iceberg.

More details are in a previous post which I will link below for convenience. With that being said all donations will go towards purchasing these items and any extra will go towards helping us move to a safer environment! I will post updates as I acquire my new items so that you can all bask in my happiness with me! Thanks for supporting me and my small business and I’ll leave you with some pics and the link to my new storefront and donation page:

Even if you can’t donate please share my post to help me spread awareness to my cause! Sharing is caring and I appreciate each and every one! If you would rather purchase a graphic from me that helps just as much and you can do that from my shop as well! Feel free to comment here or email me at if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you quickly!

You could also etransfer me directly at if your more comfortable doing that. Just put Flood in the comments section so I know where it came from! Thanks again for taking the time to read my post! I truly am so very grateful for my #bloggingcommunity #writingcommunity and #readingcommunity and hope that if you ever need help I can return the favor!

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