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Dizzy Little Ferret

I feel like a ferret spinning out of control in my ball. The harder I seem to push the faster I hit the wall. There is nowhere to turn, every which way is wrong. It’s like I keep repeating that same old stupid song. Yet the lyrics don’t sink in, while the melody thrums through me. I can never hear it quite clear, the memories continuing to elude me.

I will never make it up that hill as I have simply run out of will. I accept my fate and carry my head heavy and low. The harsh realities are starting to substantially show. All those beliefs that I embraced of the things I thought would always last. They are now just dim resemblances barely mentioned from my past. Nothing lasts forever and I can see it as clear as the sparkling night stars. I just hope that when I become a memory it won’t be because of these scars.

I know I’m feeling about as dizzy as this lil guy looks as life plummets me further into the depths of its crazy with this #nbhousing #flood BS!
I’m such a mess 🙇‍♀️
Just feeling so defeated and alone lately! Something has got to give!

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