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I’m starting a prayer chain for a Book Friend and your all Invited!

I have decided, since it’s really the only thing I could think to do being so broke and far away from her, to start a PRAYERCHAIN for a book friend who is going through a rough time right now. I hope you will all join me in praying 🙏 or even just sending positive vibes 🦋 or donations 💵 to Sherry Bruyette and her little family during their time of need💖🦋💖

Sherry is a mother, a reader and an absolute sweetheart to talk to. She is always supporting fellow authors and readers in book groups and their pages, recommending her favorite books and sharing and commenting on posts. She is funny and kind and I am so grateful to have met her on my book journey! She’s a friend to me and many others in the book community and is in need of some help!

Sherry has been given the unfortunate diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer along with Brain and Liver Cancer and is fighting her hardest and praying for remission. She has received her first chemo treatment and is hoping that everything will be a go for her second treatment without any fevers or complications taking precedence. I have every finger and toe crossed for her and am sending out all the vibes and prayers I can muster.

I’m inviting all of you in the Book Community to join us in sending positive vibes💖 🦋 💖 and prayers 🙏 to Sherry Bruyette and her family as she is going to need all the support she can get.

My own mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and was one of the lucky ones 🙏 ❤️ . She has been in remission for 3 years now so I know the worry and hardships that Sherry’s family faces in the coming months, firsthand 😔 This really hit me in the heart ❤️ upon hearing the news as it’s really close to home for me. I hope you all share and join in our amazing cause! Each Message, Prayer, and Donation is appreciated so much more than you know!

And again, she is a MOTHER first and her children are surely feeling the effects of this so if you can donate to help make this easier on them there is a GoFundMePage set up for her. The link is included below the video I created for Sherry as well:

💖 🦋 A little prayer chain video I created for my booktok 🦋 💖

You can visit Sherry’s Go Fund Me Page Here.Remember even the smallest donation helps a lot and is appreciated!

Please remember sharing is caring and help to spread the word on my prayer chain so we can show her how much support the book community are capable of! And I know that’s a lot! Every prayer, positive vibe sent, donation and share mean the world to Sherry and her family so please let’s kick this one into overdrive ladies! You know what to do! Click all those buttons!

Thanks for being here today. I appreciate every comment share and follow so be sure to click my buttons to see more!

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