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🔪🩸🔪Review of The Reaper Incarnate Book 1 in The Reaped Series by C A Renee & R E Bond🔪🩸🔪

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

The Reaper is hot on your tail,
What have you done?
You’ve made it onto her list,
Who did you hurt?
The hunt is just the beginning,
How far can you run?
Your soul is hers to reap,
Where can you hide?
Watch out for her scythe,
Why do you cry?

The life of a vigilante is meant to be a lonely one,
Roaming darkened streets and collecting secrets.
Until the four of them forced their way into mine,
Stirring up feelings I didn’t know I had.
But if they try to fuck with my plans,
My pretty knife will be through their throats and my bloody scythe on their foreheads.

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Title: The Reaper Incarnate Book 1 in The Reaped Series

Author(s)- C A Renee & R E Bond

Pub Date- May 24 2021

My Star Rating– ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Spice Rating– 🌶🌶🌶🌶

My Favorite Character(s)- Selene 👑, Santos 🔪 🩸

My Favorite Quote(s)-

“Why do guys think I’m worried about getting hurt, when I’m usually the biggest monster in the room?” I question, confusion flashing in his eyes before I smirk and pull the trigger, his nose splattering as blood sprays from the wound.”
🔪🩸🔪Selene 🔪🩸🔪

“Cool.” She sticks out her hand, “someone pay me for the dress that Slasher over here destroyed. I need to impress big dick daddy.” And she’s back to her-fucking-self.

The Reaper Incarnate by C A Renee and R E Bond was released May 2021 and is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s the first in a three book series. The second is called Hunting The Reaper and I am starting that tonight so I can be prepared for the third novel called Claiming The Reaper. This one is being released on November 30th 2021! I can not wait to see how this all ends!

The main character is a girl named Selene and she is looking for her sister whom their drug addict mother sold to human traffickers. This leads her to take out the men who prey on young woman by seductively luring each one to his well deserved death. She is feisty, fearless and kicks ass and throws sass throughout the whole book! I loved her character and found myself rooting for her and loving her mischievous yet fun ways.

Zander hates his father for reasons in his past and is working with his friends Blaze, Santos, and Darius to take down Daddy Dearest’s human trafficking empire. Zander is like the leader of the group who has been friends since childhood. Blaze is sexy and rough and rugged while Santos is a sucker for blood and knife play. And Darius is like the older brother who makes the responsible decisions but will still kill a man without blinking! Santo’s was my favorite of the group! Who knew I’d love a psychopath?!? Well he’s already added to my book boyfriend list so I can’t take it back now! Haha!

Selene’s hot harem includes 4 sexy men, each one with a unique personality and different kink, one of them being the son of the man who she thinks bought her sister.

When Zander and Selene meet sparks fly and they have a bully relationship that turns oh so sexy! Selene uses this to her advantage and works with the men helping to bring Zander’s father down and gaining the clues she needs to find her sister. All the while she is starting to fall for these protective and swoony men. Selene doesn’t trust anyone and sure as hell won’t be owned by any man! Or will she? Could these 4 spicy men possibly tame her or will she get her way and go at it alone again? I for one can not wait to find out!

This book is NOT for people who have lots of triggers. There is lots of sex, knife play, blood, murder, human trafficking, drugs and plenty more triggers to keep it exciting! So if triggers aren’t your thing then just keep on moving along as this won’t be your jam. And that’s ok too! People should all read what they like….not what they feel like they have to! The book community definently has enough room and support for everyone! That’s one thing I love about this group!

I ,however, am a self proclaimed Trigger Warning Whore as well as a Book Cover Whore and this book had everything I could ask for and some! The smut is incredible. The bullying is perfect. There’s not too much or too little. The men are hot and the heroine is feisty, just how I like them! It’s gripping, unique and exciting and I’m so glad I had a chance to read this one!

I recommend this series to anyone who loves a sexy psycho and kick ass heroine and all the spice that harems tend to create. It was a quick fun read and I rated it 5 stars and can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

You can grab your own copy here:

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I hope you have enjoyed my review and I have inspired you to read this one! It’s perfect for Halloween too 🎃 I’m off to grab Hunting The Reaper and I’ll be back later with more spooky book recs for you all! Thanks for reading book besties!


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