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Only 2 Days Left to Preorder Psychos by Sheridan Anne! Teaser Excerpt Below!



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Marcus steps in and crouches down beside Lucas, that same questioning expression on his face as he spins the rusty serrated blade between his fingers. “The only question is,” he says slowly, watching the way that Lucas stares at him in horror, “do we do this face up, or face down?”

I shake my head, the amusement not lost on me. We’ve done this too many times for him to not know how I prefer it done, but nothing is better than watching the color drain from our victim’s face, learning exactly what we plan to do to them.

I slowly walk around him, releasing his crushed hand from below my boot. “Hmmm,” I muse. “Face up, and he’ll bleed out too quickly. He’ll probably be dead before he gets to hear that magical crunch of his spine. Let’s go face down. We wouldn’t want him to miss out on something so exhilarating.”

© 2021 Sheridan Anne

This sexy new dark romance releases in just 2 days so get your preorders in before October 19th! I just finished burning up my kindle with my smoking hot ARC copy of this book as I was lucky enough to be on the blog team and let me tell you, you guys don’t want to miss this twisted read! I can’t freaking wait until book 2 releases and I’m honestly not sure what to do with myself until then. It feels like an eternity before I’ll see the DeAngelis Brothers again and I kinda sorta really NEEEED them in my life!

These boys will live rent free in my head for all of eternity. And their girl Shayne! She’s feisty, hot, and throws all that snark! It had everything I could ask for in a dark romance and threw in some interesting new games Ive never read about before!

Sheridan Anne knows how to write dark and sexy romance just the way I like it! I really enjoyed this twisted book and can’t wait to see what she has envisioned next for the DeAngelis brothers! If it’s half as fire as this was I may actually dehydrate! I could not put this book down and it’s high up there on my list of dark romance recs! You will not be disappointed if dark is your jam but make sure you read the trigger warnings as this book has them all!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another sneak peek of Psychos! I’ll post another preorder link below so you don’t have to scroll back up too! And be sure to follow Sheridan and Me for all the Teasers,Updates, and News for the Depraved Sinners Series!

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