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Omg You Guys Aren’t Ready For this! 1 more day! Psycho releases in the morning!




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His eyes remain locked on mine, so deep yet somehow so dead at the same time. It’s impossible to look away. It’s as though he’s daring me to try and run, daring me to fear him and fear what he’s about to do to me, but that little twisted feeling inside my gut has me standing here in silence, waiting to see just how good this is really going to be.

The shame is thick and I don’t doubt that once he’s done with me and I’m left as a helpless heap on the dirty floor that I’m going to regret my decision to not fight him on this, but the curiosity is thicker.

My knees buckle under me and I barely keep myself standing as he raises my bound wrists above my head. A fearful whimper escapes my lips and I don’t doubt that he can see just how scared I am to explore this with him.


© 2021 Sheridan Anne

You guys! I absolutely devoured this book and really can not even wait until I get to read book 2! Sheridan Anne totally nailed this! She understood the assignment! This series is gonna be so hot! Shayne and her boys blew me away! I’m obsessed!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some release day fun and order links for you guys! I can’t wait to be able to chat about this one with everyone! I feel like people will definitely be talking about this one for sure!

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