🌙 💫 Moon Awakened by Melinda Valentine Is Live! 💫 🌙

Title: Moon Awakened

Author: Melinda Valentine

Series: An Alabaster City Novel, Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Trope: Shifter Romance




When a midnight assault leaves tough,

independent bar owner Mackenzie Wolfe

fighting for her life, everything she

thought she knew about the world changes.

The hot bartender she’s lusted after is so

much more than he appears. Her stalking

ex-boyfriend is no longer her biggest

problem. And she is no longer human.

Tall, dark, and all hard body, Riley

Fitzgerald is a bartender in the human

world–and the enforcer of the Alabaster

Wolf Pack. When his sexy boss is attacked

and changed into a shifter, Riley is

responsible for teaching her everything

there is to know about being a wolf. What

he doesn’t expect is just how explosive

their passion is now that he can reveal his


But not everyone is happy that Riley and

Mackenzie have become so close– rivals

But not everyone is happy that Riley and

Mackenzie have become so close– rivals

to become Mackenzie’s mate and old

family feuds emerged to tear them apart.

Against all odds, can Riley win Mackenzie

for himself and keep peace within the Pack?

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Melinda Valentine was born in upstate New York. Being the youngest of four children (and the only girl) made it easy for her to turn to books as a companion. As a young child she was whisked away to Baltimore, Maryland. She spent her youth reading books such as Nancy Drew, The However, it wasn’t until she was twelve years old that she read a book (Stephen king’s IT) that made her realize that someday, she would herself be a writer.

After that her first (horrible) manuscript came to life. At thirteen she had received her very first rejection letter. Heartbroken, she continued to read even more to learn about the craft of writing.

Today Melinda calls West Virginia home, with her swoon worthy husband, three hilarious children, and three crazy puppies. She creates characters that she hopes her readers fall in love with as much as she has.













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