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I have new Artwork for my Fuzzy Forest Friends Collection!

Hello Everyone! I’m back today with a couple of new graphics from “Fuzzy Forest Friends” my Debut Collection! I’m really trying to push these out so they are available for Christmas and plan to make greeting cards, stickers, mugs, and of course my own artwork on canvas prints! Stay tuned because those are just a few of the items I plan on carrying over on the One Page At A Time Designs Shop! I’m still learning all the details and am slowly but surely adding my pieces to my shop and will soon have products available to go with the graphics.

Here’s a preview of Finnegan and Finley I made for my TikTok 🦊⬇️🦊

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🎨 Newest Art 🎨 Pieces!💫
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I am super excited to actually have a canvas 🖼 of my very own artwork to hang in my home let alone be able to share it with the whole big world and actually have fans of my work! This is definitely a long lost childhood dream of mine that I thought I could never accomplish due to my crippling social anxiety and limited confidence, but look at me go now! I’m still an anxious mess everytime I share a design, but I’m living my best ,stressed, artist life nonetheless 😂 🎨 📄 I’m so proud of myself for pulling myself out of that headspace and trying again 💖

I’m so pumped to present my debut collection to you guys! This is such a special moment for me and I couldn’t ask for better people to share it with than you! Thank you for all your support! I couldn’t do this without you!

This is my special treat and thank you to you as I’m revealing Finnegan and Finley here first so you can see them and have a chance to fall in love with them like I did them before I release them on the Shop Site! “The Fuzzy Forest Friends Collection” created by me, the newest Indie Artist on the block, Krista Barton,Owner and Graphic Artist of the One Page At A Time Designs Blog and Shop presents 💖🦋🦊 “Finnegan and Finley” my adorable baby foxes 🦊🦋💖

Meet “Finnegan” my new 🦊 baby fox cub 🦊 from my Debut Collection
🌲 “The Fuzzy Forest Friends” 🌲
He is Finley’s big brother and these sly siblings sure
know how to steal a ❤️ heart ❤️
Prints Available Soon on the One Page At a Time Designs Shop!
Introducing “Finley” the fluffy baby fox 🦊 from from my Debut Collection
🌲 “The Fuzzy Forest Friends” 🌲 Finnegan and Finley are the snuggliest baby foxes and can’t wait to come home with their new forever families! Prints Available Soon on the One Page At a Time Designs Shop!

These prints will be Available for purchase Soon over on the shop so Follow Me here to stay up date so you don’t miss any :

💫 💫

I’ve always been shy when it comes to showing my artwork. I think it stems from this snotty nosed really mean boy not understanding what my drawing was supposed to be way back in elementary school and making fun of me that one time. That being said I have never been one to display my latest creations for fear of being misunderstood. However I do find that I have an easier time posting my photos on the blog once I feel like they are my best work. That’s not to say a lot of my creations don’t end up in my DNF pile or even worse the trash! Perhaps someday I’ll learn to keep them and create a My Mistakes series on the clock app, who knows?!?

A “Finnegan” Christmas Edit I made

Little by little though, through running my blog, I am finding my way on the journey that rightfully should have been mine so many years ago had that mean boy not given me a confidence complex along the way! That’s my story and im sticking to it 💯

Custom and Premade Designs Available for Purchase
for all your creative needs!

I have you guys to thank for all of that and you truly don’t know how grateful I am just to have the support system I do in the art/ book community! Your all so amazing and I have seen the power of a booktok or Instagram post making Indie Authors overnight best sellers or Artists into huge accounts! I don’t doubt the power of the passion of fans ever! They understand the assignments!! 💯❗️💯

So I put my faith in my talent and in you, my amazing supportive communities, to finally take my dream to the next level and be able to showcase my designs with confidence! Even if I never sell a single piece, which I’m pretty sure I will as my son is already mad at me for selling Finnegan to anyone but him 😂 He’s 13 and thinks his Mama is a famous artist or something and that I can only make one copy or something god love the kid ❤️ I’m going to have to make him an original piece for his bedroom I guess 😅 🖼

My littles sure do know how to make me feel special ❤️These guys keep me going even in the tough moments when I just want to give up ❤️ Running a business and raising 3 children by myself definently has its challenges but when I do get the odd chance to glance up from the iPad or paper and catch them watching me with that proud look on their face I know that everything I’m doing is so worth it!

Thank you all for sticking with me, an unknown to you bookblogger/starving artist, and taking this journey One Page At A Time with me 💖🦋💖 Did you see what I did there?!? 😂 I hope you love Finley and Finnegan as much as I do and check out the shop to see all my designs that are available now! I’m off to figure out these products for my Shop so I’ll see you guys later! 😘 💕 🦋


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