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Your not gonna want to miss this epic conclusion! Maniacs by Sheridan Anne is Now Live And Free In Kindle Unlimited!

I just had to pop in here and tell you guys about this grand finale that I’ve been obsessing over and waiting for! Have you guys read the Depraved Sinners Series by the super talented dark romance author Sheridan Anne yet? If you haven’t well than your missing out! This series is everything I expected from dark romance and more!

I can’t even coherently put into words the hold this series has on me and my little black soul 🖤 These books destroyed me completely and I literally begged for more. I’m beyond obsessed and have never ever in my life sat on Amazon hitting the refresh button repeatedly because I know that the book is releasing today! I’ve never messaged an author whining that it’s not here yet! But yup I did that! I’m literally a simp for anything that Sheridan writes but this series blew them all away for me! This lady is getting a crown from me 👑🖤👑🖤👑

Maniacs, Book 4 and the conclusion to the Depraved Sinners Series by Sheridan Anne released today and if Dark and Delicious and Downright Sinful is your jam like me then this finished series is for you! The series is Free in Kindle Unlimited too!

Grab Your Copy Of Maniacs Here:

Make sure you read the trigger warnings because when I say dark I mean dark my darlings! It has a bit of everything from knife kinks to blood play to unaliving and is pretty intense and I’m not sure I will ever find another series that compares to the way I felt about this one 🖤 It will forever live rent free in my mind for sure 🖤

I was so enthralled and just could not put these books down! There were many burnt suppers and a couple missed soccer practices due to this series I can’t lie 🤣😂 It was so worth the kids whining and nagging at me and I’d do it again a thousand times to reread this series for the first time again! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next! Sheridan Anne is the Queen of my little black soul 🖤👑🖤

Anyways I’m off to destroy myself with Maniacs so I can spend the next week weeping from a book hangover and making my family think I’m crazy again! The links are below ⬇️ so be sure to catch up now and see what all the fuss is about! I promise you don’t want to miss this!

Grab your copy of Psychos Book 1 Depraved Sinners by Sheridan Anne:

Grab your copy of Heathens Book 2 Depraved Sinners by Sheridan Anne:

Grab your copy of Savages Book 3 Depraved Sinners by Sheridan Anne:

Grab your copy of Maniacs Book 4 and the conclusion of the Depraved Sinners series by Sheridan Anne:

You can Follow Sheridan Anne and check out all her books here:

I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I did! If you have read it and need an emotional support buddy be sure to hit my links and get in touch! I can be that friend because I’m pretty sure as soon as I’m done with Maniacs my heart will be completely ripped out and I’ll need an emotional support buddy too! But I’m so here for it! 🖤😍🖤

Have a great week guys and thanks for reading! My Links are below! Follow Me for more great Book Recommendations or to chat books or book boyfriends 😉♥️📚

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