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My Baby Girl is not such a baby anymore….

My daughter is my mini me. She looks, talks, and acts like me! Attitude and all! So it was no surprise to me when her 11 year old self decided she wanted to bleach her gorgeous long brown hair blonde and then put pink in it. I was a little nervous at first and gave her every reason under the sun as to why she shouldn’t. She eventually sulked enough and wore me down and got her way.

Now I’ll admit it! I don’t have a lot of money as I’m a single mama to these three crotch gremlins so I told her we would have to do it ourselves and use box dyes. I have dyed my own hair so many times in the past few years that I was pretty confident I could do it. So we went out and purchased her some blonde dye and a pink Got2B creative kit. We dyed her hair blonde that night and I told her I wanted to wait a few days before doing the pink so the blonde had time to settle. To my shock she agreed easily and had blonde/almost reddish hair for a bit.

We had a quiet evening and decided it would be a good time to add in our pink. So the box, as you can see in the pics, says it will give her a bright pink and then a pastel pink. We were going to do the pastel pink on the bottom and the brighter pink on the top.

I got to work and mixed the dye as the instructions said and we started with the pastel Color on the bottom of her hair. We rinsed that first and covered it all up with tinfoil. We moved onto the top and did the brighter pink and rinsed that next. I had noticed when we rinsed out the bottom that it wasn’t really pink but the hair was wet still so I figured it may go as we did the top part and it had a chance to dry.

Much to my dismay as her hair dried the bottom didn’t seem to have any Color at all. If it did dye it just gave some really really light strawberry blondish highlights. So I told her to blow dry it and see how it looked. It still didn’t take but low and behold she was extremely happy with the way it turned out. For an at home box dye job I guess it’s not really that bad. And the more we style it I seem to actually love it! She curled it for a friends bday limo ride and party yesterday and I absolutely love the way it turned out! The way it swirls is so pretty and the blond looks like it is supposed to be like that.

I’m thankful that the Got2B is semi permanent and fades out in 12-15 washes. I have done a bit of research and asked a couple of my Booktok friends what products they are using to get the amazing rainbows of colors they all seem to have. We have decided that next time we will try the Joico or Arctic Fox brand. She has informed me that she wants purple this time and for it to last longer! This child may cause me to have an aneurysm yet!

Do you guys have any advice for dying colorful hair for a single mama who’s just trying to make it work cheaper than a salon? Do t be afraid to give your input in the comments! I think I need some help on this one! I’ve never really been a girly girl and can’t do makeup or hair for the life of me! That’s probably why I draw and write I suppose lol

Here’s to the start of my youngest child’s wild tween years and hopes for a happy and fun summer with lots of rainbow hair apparently 🌈 What are you guys up to this summer? Whatever it is I hope you get some great beach reads in! Be sure to click my link tree and follow all my socials for all the latest recommendations! Link Below ⬇️

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