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July is Saracoma Cancer Awareness Month!

My brother was diagnosed with a Saracoma Cancer tumour 3 weeks ago 😭 This has been an eye opener and one of the scariest months of my life!

He had to go to a different province as that’s where the only available surgeon was. He has been gone for a week now and it’s so hard not to be there with him for support! Let alone try to come up with all the fees that come along with cancer 😞😗 He has been taken out of work and had to go on medical EI and that hasn’t kicked in yet. He’s looking at losing his apartment at this point as he has no money to pay rent and my family is not in a spot that we can financially do anything!

It’s been one stress after another with this and I’m not sure what to even do at this point 😭 I’m angry, sad, and overwhelmed all at once and I don’t know what to do with that!

I’ll be starting a fundraiser soon to help him pay all these bills and help get his meds. He will need money to travel back up there in a few weeks after coming home as well. He will need a walker and a cane when he comes home next week as he is unable to walk on his own.

I have started designing some stickers to sell in support of him and will have the links posted later on today or tmrw morning! I’ll also be having some local fundraising events like a bottle drive and bake sale. I will be setting up an e-transfer address for anyone that just wants to donate and help support us. I will have a square board posted as well so if you can’t donate don’t worry! Please simply share my post with the hashtags #bookedwithsaracoma or #onepageatatimedesigns to help me spread awareness for a really great cause!

Thanks in advance 😊 I appreciate all of my readers and am thankful I have a place to go vent and get some support! You guys are the best! Let’s show my brother what we are capable of and get this fundraiser started!

If you want to donate or have swag or books you could donate to my book auction I’m trying to put together my email address is Don’t be afraid to reach out and I’ll get back to you asap! Thanks again! Your support is appreciated more than you know!

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