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Melt For Us By Molly Doyle

I listened to this smoking sexy smutty deliciousness on Audible and am sooooo glad I did! These narrators really bring the story to life complete with moans and all! My girlfriend was completely cringing as I forced her to listen to my dirty stories! That’s a win for me as she usually doesn’t even hear my books playing in the background. This one definitely got me some looks for sure!
It was a quick and fun read. This was my first book by Molly Doyle and I hope to read more from her twisted mind soon! Her men are absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to meet more!

If you are going to read this seriously read the trigger warnings and know your triggers! I’m so sick of people writing reviews with 1 star ratings that say “OMG This Was Pure Smut!”

“Ummmm Excuse me Miss! You are obviously shopping in the adult section and need to take your uptight ass back to the little girls section and keep your unnecessary judgments over there! The books clearly have trigger warnings for a reason. Thanks!”

🎧Listen to your copy on Audible here 🎧🔽🔽🎧

📖 Read Melt For Us in KU now! 📖🔽🔽📖

That’s all for me for now. I’ll be back soon with some new reviews for my September Reading Wrap Up! I know I’ve been missing for a bit but I’ve had some personal stuff to deal with and took a little break. I’ve missed the book community and all of you guys though! It’s so lonely without everyone and my comfort books to keep me busy! Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting One Page At A Time! I really do appreciate every like, share or comment!

I’m currently reading Mr. Garcia by T.L.Swan and I must admit I’m obsessed with this world and these characters! The men are chefs kiss and the ladies are fierce and I am so here for it! I’m on my second book by this author now and am seriously sensing an addiction coming on 😍📖😍 I’m loving her writing style and her banter is spot on! So I’ll have some reviews for her books coming at you soon too!

I hope everyone picks up a great book this week and has a Happy start to October! It’s my Birthday Month and I am celebrating by reading all the spooky books I can get my hands on! Hit me up with suggestions in the comments of your favourite must read halloweenish books! I’d love to read them and review them 🎃📖🎃

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