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📚💫My Review for “Really Good, Actually” by Monica Heisey💫📚

I wanted this book on a whim as I kept seeing it on bookstagram and I am currently experiencing my own break up. I am so glad I did! I absolutely love the narrator, Julia Whelan who also narrated The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and the unique way this book is written! It is nothing like anything I’ve ever read before. It gets 5 huge stars from me and I plan on reading EVERYTHING that Monica Heisey writes from here on out. She will be an instant one click author for me! If your going through a breakup/divorce and you like rom coms than this is just the treat your looking for! I can NOT recommend this enough! Read This Book!

Isn’t this cover just gorgeous?!? I love it and have a feeling this one will be on my shelf soon!
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🌶 Spice 🌶 ~ 🌶🌶 👧 Fav Character 👧 ~ Maggie
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I am going through my own break up and related to Maggie in so many ways! The way she thinks reminds me of myself and I found myself laughing 😂 , and even unadmittedly crying 😭 sometimes, along with her the whole book! Her inner monologue was absolutely hilarious and made her feel so real to me.
John, her ex husband, was a complete 🤡 assclown 🤡 and plays the ghost card after their mutual breakup which I felt deeply in my cold little jaded soul. Her friends are people that I could also see myself hanging out with on a fun filled Saturday night and I wish I had friends like these 🎉 I think Emotional Lauren and Amy were my favorite side characters by far though.

The growth that Maggie experiences is paced perfectly and I really enjoyed getting to see that there is a bright light somewhere on the other side of this breakup! She gave me hope where I thought there was none to look forward to making me think this book will resonate and stick with me for quite a few years to come and will be one that I recommend often! Grab Your Copy Today and then come chat about it with me!

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