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Exes and Ohs

Happy Saturday everyone! I have a rant and comic to share with you today. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever woken up and turned on your socials to scroll through your daily feed only to have it ruined by a long lost ex following or messaging you? Because I have now! Lol No sooner do I become single do they all creep in out of the woodwork after not even seeing their socials for ten years. If you have what did you do about it?!? I need some advice! Because I’m petty AF and I’m not sure which way to go with this.

I went onto my Instagram last night to post some of my edits and graphics for my latest reads and what pops up? ON MY WORK INSTA nonetheless! Just a casual like on a pic I posted of myself a couple of weeks, maybe even a month ago, from one of my exes from like 20 or so years ago. How long he has been actually following me I’m not sure but I’m going to have some fun with it! What else can I do really? Block him and let him know he gets to me? Haha! I think not! I’m surely way too petty for that! I’m going to do what I do best and use this as my motivation to create.

I’ll give you some back story. This guy was my first love in like grade 7 through 10 or so. We broke up because he punched me in the face, I didn’t know then but he had been on drugs at the time, and he beat me up over something small and insignificant and I didn’t have a chance to see it coming. He just snapped. I moved on and started seeing a new guy. I asked my ex to meet me to give me my jewellery and clothes and stuff that I had left at his house when we broke up. He met me but “forgot” my chain and cross that I had gotten from my father, may he Rest In Peace, and I wanted it back.
So I went back to his house to get it and he talked me into coming to his room to talk to him. His friend was in the kitchen and I didn’t think anything of it as I was comfortable with him and we were getting along fine the whole walk there. I went to his room and he suddenly snapped on me beating me up, pulling my hair, and ripping my clothes so he could rape me. He kept his hand over my mouth and had the music blaring so his friend couldn’t hear us. He made me call my new boyfriend afterwards and tell him that I just had sex with him and we were over. He held me by the throat until I did what he said. I grabbed my chain off the table beside his bed and ran out of there as fast as I could holding my face and crying when he finally let me go. I had to go by his friend on my way out and thought he just didn’t know what had happened and I was so ashamed and embarrassed. When he saw me like that he stood up but I rushed away pretty fast by that point. Many years later I found out their friendship ended that day and me and the ex’s old best friend are now friends.
So that being said you guys get to see my new comic series…..I’m still unsure what I will call it yet so if you have any great ideas as to what this series should be titled I’d love to hear them!

Email me or leave your suggestions in the comments. And without any further ado here’s todays comic!

I hope you all enjoyed todays comic! I’ll be back soon with more! In the meantime if you want to see more of what I’m up to come follow any or all of my socials! I love making new friends and I try my hardest to follow everyone back!

xoxo 😘 Krista Barton One Page At A Time Designs

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