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Happy World Read Aloud Day!

Hey Bookstababes! I joined a Bookish/writers challenge over on Instagram and wanted to do it here as well so I can share with you guys too as I know not everyone has instagram 😊

The challenge is called #writerfriendschallenge and is being hosted by @susanleighneedham and @thatssarahelynn. It starts today and carries on throughout February so you still have time to join a great community of readers/writers and have some fun! The graphic is posted above so you can save it and play along or come join us on bookstagram! My post from my Bookstagram is below too! If you want to share my graphic or follow me my tag is @onepageatatimedesigns so feel free to!

Hey Bookstababes 👋 I’m late but I guess better late than never ❤️ I just wanted to pop in here and say Happy World Read Aloud Day📚! I’m trying the #writerfriendschallenge this #february and this is our first post! I’m so excited to participate in this fun bookish community 📚 Come join us! There’s still time ⏰ 💖🦋💖#QOTD 💖🦋💖 Do you read aloud? Either to yourself or your children? 👂📚👂 I have always read 📕to my children, even when they were babies in my belly 🤰🏻, and still continue to read chapter books📚 to them to this day and they are ages 12,13 & 14. 🥰📕🥰 We all gather either on my too full double bed or my living room with our reading blankets and I read chapters each night from a book 📚 that we have picked out together and then we discuss it as a family when we’re finished each chapter 💖. At the end of the book we do little “book reports” 📝or make art 🎨. There is also have a program at our school 🏫 where the parents can sign up to go read 📚to children, their own or others, and then our children read to the younger students once they are confident enough 📚❤️📚. I hope everyone finds something great to read today and if you need recs check out the One Page At A Time Designs Blog! Once again Happy World Read Aloud Day! I’m off to finish Really Good Actually by Monica Heisey. And it’s REALLY GOOD! ACTUALLY!!! Go grab it if your going through or have ever gone through a divorce or breakup! You won’t regret it! I promise! And I’ll be back with a review for that once I’m finished ✅ Cheers 🥂 Bookstababes!

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