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Krista Barton’s Graphic Design Portfolio

My name is Krista Barton and I am a graphic designer and freelance writer. This is a showcase of my latest designs that I have available to purchase. I can customize any piece to your preference and do custom pieces on commission.Please contact me for pricing and details.

I make Book Covers (paperback and ebook formatting), Itineraries, Resumes, Planners, Calenders, Graphic Ads for all your socials, Company Logos, Personal Graphics, Animated graphics and ads, Photo collages, Zoom backgrounds, T shirt and hat graphics etc

If you have a custom request please send me a message explaining your desired design. I’m the owner of the One Page At A Time blog and have space available for advertising opportunities and book reviews as well. I can handle all your advertising needs in one place! Let me do the work and you keep the graphics!

If you purchase a graphic from the albums shown here the graphics will be removed and belong solely to you. All designs are done by myself using Canva photos and design tools. Any information given during our transaction is completely private and secure. I will keep your information on file for 60 days after purchase in case of accidental deletion or PC glitch but it will not be shown on my site in the album. All sales are final as you will see your finished product before any monies are exchanged thus providing your guaranteed satisfaction.

Animated Logos Avaiable
A tiktok video I made using book covers from Winter Paige’s Devastation Duet.

A TikTok aesthetics video I made for His Kingdom by K L Donn. If you haven’t read this yet you totally should! I’m obsessed so here’s the link!
One of my blog advertisements
I also make sock monkeys in my spare time 🐒 This is the very first one that I made a little over a year ago for my little. All three of them now have an array of sock monkeys stuffed into different areas of their bedrooms. These little guys currently are not for sale but keep an eye on this space because we have some plans for this happy little dudes!
A quick video I made for the cover reveal for J A Huss’s Sick Heart 🔥 You can see the full article here Sick Heart By J A Huss Cover Reveal
My son wanted a logo of his own but there were no rainbow pandas to our avail. So I made him this one! 😊 I can do cartoons too!
My very first logo 💕
Just a quick video I made for my obsession with these Peter Pan retellings written by Aiden Thomas and Chanda Hahn!
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