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Author Willow Winters

One of my all time favourite authors Willow Winters
posing for a photo op πŸ’– Photo credits πŸ“Έ go to Willows Facebook

Willow Winters is an author you don’t want to miss! She is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Best Selling Author. She has two small children who she manages to somehow snap the sweetest pics of all whilst writing amazing stories to share with the world. Willow has penned 60 novels that I can count on her Websites reading order including the best selling Merciless series. This is where I started and Carter and Aria’s sizzling story will forever be instilled upon my mind. It is free to purchase on amazon and you can start your Willow obsession here!

She writes all the hottest bad boys and romantic suspense that will leave you begging for the next in the series! Willow has a little something for everyone in her ever expanding publications! You can find the master book link below πŸ“–

She’s got all the sexy as sin mafia bad boys you can handle with her Valetti series. Her paranormal romance for the urban fantasy collectors is called Wounded Kiss and will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what comes next! And her newest must read Tequila Rose released on February 23rd so I can’t wait to spend my next few days sucked into the newest world Willow has created! The next book in this series is titled Autumn Night Whiskey and is scheduled to release in March 23rd so I better get to reading so I can be all caught up! I’ll leave you with Willow Winter’s linktree so you guys can all go check her out! And yes she totally answers fans back and is honestly one of the most helpful and generous authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online! If book contesting is your thing head on over to her Facebook page and group and join in on the fun contests and games. She is always giving away something or another!

Go check out Tequila Rose and Willows Amazon Author Page while your there to stay up to date on her upcoming new releases and deals!

If you guys have any suggestions on what book you loved or would love to read by Willow Winters or if you need a hand finding a book or something on her site let me know in the comments. I love hearing what you guys think and am always willing to lend a hand! Have a great Thursday and Happy Reading Book World πŸ“–


  1. I love seeing what other people are reading and get some recommendations. There is another book in The Tattooist of…

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