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5 Female Entrepreneurs from Saint John NB you should be following right now!

Hi everyone out there in blogland! I know, I know Im late as per usual. I swear I’ll be late to my own wedding one of these days! But shhhh please don’t tell my unsuspecting bride! I don’t think she’s going to be impressed when the day comes but hopefully we will laugh about it later on in life! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
Im popping in here because I wanted to say Happy International Woman’s Day to all the inspiring and empowering woman in my life online and offline! I have met so many wonderful people in the writing community and right here in Saint John New Brunswick as well. So I would like to tell you about some people that are close to my heart and exclusive to my hometown.These are my top five favourite female entrepreneurs that you can visit when you come to explore our beautiful history rich Saint John NB. And if you do decide to come visit look me up! I’ll be more than happy to help you navigate around our friendly little spot on the map!

saint john nb a beautiful photo of the uptown at night.

Pamela Wheaton is the owner and cashier of the Heartbreak Boutique on Germain street in the heart of uptown Saint John. She sells quirky fun fashion and apparel and she suits the profile much to my delight! She has tons of retro dresses and all the enamel pins, socks and accessories your peculiar little heart could desire! This is my favorite shop to visit and Pam is such a friendly helpful face to the store.She is changing the page for fashion in Saint John and I’m so glad she chose to grow here! You can check out Pam and all her distinctive clothing over at:

Dominique Leger is the owner/girl boss of In Pursuit Mobile Boutique. This is the most unique travelling clothing and accessory store I’ve ever seen. She started out getting funded on Kickstarter, a funding website, and bought a giant pink bus and started her adventure! The giant pepto pink bus with the catchy graphic logo caught the attention of all the fashionistas in Saint John. We all lined up to see what goodies this strange bus held. This Boutique with all the latest magazine fashions also travels all around the maritimes! She is living out her fashion dreams and helping woman everywhere embrace their confidence as they enter a shopping experience like no other! They now have a storefront as well located at 101 Prince William street in Saint John. You can check out their website at:

Corrine Monique is an artist, fashion designer, photographer and the owner of Create Over Cocktails. She hosts virtual painting classes and events where you sip on a glass of wine in a comfortable atmosphere as you create your masterpiece guided by Corrine.
She has a bubbly cheery personality and makes even the most novice painter feel empowered. Her art work is beautiful and the details are stunning. I myself have bought a few pieces to hang in my living room. You can check her and all her fantabulous artwork out at:

Shelley Demarchant of The Urban Shoe Myth is a girl boss not to be missed!She started and owns the luxury shoe and handbag store on the historic King street that quickly became an uptown favorite. She opened the store in 2011 and sells high lifestyle designs at a fraction of the price! Shelley and her staff are so friendly and helpful that you will feel like your chatting with an old friend while trying on your newfound treasures. It is definently a spot to check out that I enjoy quite frequently. Maybe I’ll see you there! You can also check out her store at:

Handworks Gallery is Saint John’s longest running commercial gallery opening its doors in uptown in 1990. Elizabeth Cook who was once manager of the gallery is now the full time owner taking over for Lisa Oland in 2018. The gallery showcases many local artists and talents and always has an eye catching and memorable display set up in its windows for the local residents to take in and enjoy. Elizabeth has several years of experience working in Canada’s western art market Gainsborough Galleries in Calgary Alberta and is from southern NB. She has done a wonderful job taking over Handworks and we are all eager to see what this journey holds for her and these incredible maritime artists! You can check out all of the unique and inspiring artwork over at:

These ladies are certainly on my list of people to watch in Saint John as they are always busy making boss girl moves and taking their businesses to the next level. I am so proud to be a part of the talented woman entrepreneurs that Saint John has to offer and hope to someday accomplish as much as these young ladies have. It’s inspiring to know that there are ladies younger and older than myself that are kicking ass and taking names! And you never know next year it could be me on this list of up and coming female entrepreneurs. Only time and hard work will tell. Until then I will continue to be inspired by all the powerful woman who surround me and keep up the hard work and learning that comes along with being a success. Remember to never give up on your dreams ladies! Anything is possible!


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