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New Release and Preorder!

Have you guys heard of my amazing indie author friend D C Renee? She has so many great books including Scars of My Past, The Beauty Beneath and A Brutal Betrayal. You can check her and all of her books out over on her Amazon page or Facebook page which I’ve included links for below.

Isn’t her logo pretty? I just love the colors💖

Author DC Renee’s Amazon Author Page:

Author D C Renee’s Facebook Page:

Her newest book coming out is called Peyton’s Picture from The Happily Ever Stalker series and looks like it’s going to be a 🔥 scorcher 🔥 All of these novels can be read as standalone too! And I’ve heard that they are each only .99 right now so grab them up!

If your checklist includes

Stand-alone/HEA guarantee

Erotic Romance/Stalker (no “danger”)

Alpha Hero/Closet Romantic

And a Badass heroine that likes it a little dirty

Then Peyton’s Picture is the book for you! Here’s the blurb for your reading pleasure:

She wasn’t the focus, but my eyes were drawn to her.

She was the perfect image, the perfect subject, the perfect picture. But one wasn’t enough. So I took more. I took what she didn’t know she gave…herself.

And then that wasn’t enough. I wanted my fantasies to become a reality. I wanted her.

I went further, crossed more lines…I gave her what she didn’t know she needed. Desire.

And still it wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t be enough until I had her. She would be more than a perfect picture. She would be mine.

And look at that sexy cover! I’m so excited to dive into Peyton’s story and see what happens! It releases August 11th but you can Preorder your copy here:

I hope everyone enjoys Peyton’s Picture and I’ll see you all later with more teasers as release day comes closer!

I also have updated my linktree and I’d love it if everyone could give me some clicks and help me out! Your support means the world and I’m so glad your all here!


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