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Psychos by Sheridan Ann Releases in 3 Days!

PSYCHOS TEASER!!!!! 3 More Days until Release Day!

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These monsters murder for sport. It’s a little adrenaline kick to get their blood pumping. Screams are their elixir of life. They need to feel someone else’s fear just to keep themselves breathing. They should be locked up in straitjackets and denied every basic human right possible.

They are the grim reapers, and they will make sure that every last person who gets in their way knows it.

I’m going to be another statistic to them, another notch on their belts. Hell, maybe they’re practiced enough that it’ll be quick, but then, maybe they’re also skilled enough to make it last hours on end. Either way, I need to make peace with it real fast because I won’t be living to see another day.

Tonight, I will die.

© 2021 Sheridan Anne

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