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New Christmas Graphics Collection Available!

A lot of you may not know this as I’m horrible at advertising and am just learning some new marketing skills but here’s a little bit of insight into me. I’m an artist and graphic designer as well as an avid reader, writer, and book reviewer! I just love to create and art comes in so many forms. I am in my element when I am writing poetry or drawing with my favorite pencils! This is when you can find me relaxed and concentrated on whatever design I’m creating at the moment. I tend to completely tune out the world when I am into a good book or drawing a new creation. This is when my kids ask me for things as I’m more likely to say yes! They know their mama well lol.

💖🦋💖A Graphic I created for the One Page At A Time Designs Shop 💖🦋💖

I haven’t done a whole lot with my online store lately as I’ve been busy learning a new course and homeschooling my three littles during the NB CUPE strike and managing this household, the floods in the basement and the everyday hassle of life. I’m a wearer of many hats! That being said, it hasn’t left very much time for me to work on my store or to really even draw or design anything. Let alone market any of it. So I’ve just been working hard on my Bookstagram and Arc Teams and blog teams lately as it’s quicker for me to do in small bursts like this. It’s been rough to say the least but I’m hanging in here…by a thread maybe but here none the less! And that’s what counts, right? Right?!?

I am hoping to start making some sales this holiday season in my shop and be able to have a little extra for Christmas this year. As a single mama to these three children who seem to be more expensive by the year I want to use what I’m good at and make a living out of doing what I love! And that is creating art! I have a hard time showing people my artwork and this is also a way for me to be more confident in what I do! So here I am trying to follow my dreams!

I have been working on something secretly for awhile now hoping I could have them ready in time and I’m proud to say I have finally started to post my very first 🎄 Christmas Collection 🎄 over on my shop today! I will be updating them over the next couple of days and adding more as I finish drawing them! I’m so excited to share them with you guys first! Here is the very first design of my first ever 2021 Christmas Collection 🐻 “Holly Beary” 🐻

I’d like everyone to Meet 🐻 Holly Beary 🐻 He loves Christmas trees 🎄 and Candy Canes and he can’t wait to make your Holiday Season Holly & Jolly!
He is currently available for purchase on the One Page At A Time Designs Shop!

You can click the link or on the One Page At A Time logo ⬇️below ⬇️ to go to the shop and see ALL my designs or order you own custom designs! I’m now open for commissions and have premades available for purchase! I can’t wait to kick off the holiday season with all of you! I hope to see you at the shop and be sure to tell your friends! I appreciate it more than you know!

⬆️ Click Here to go see my new Christmas Graphics! ⬆️

Here’s the link to my shop so you can purchase your designs from me:

Follow ALL my socials here to keep up with my bookish adventures and graphic designs:

Thanks for reading and I hope I see you over on the shop! Be sure to tell your friends too! Word of mouth helps artists so much more than you realize! I appreciate you all so much! I hope you have a great week and I’ll be back later with more of my 2021 Christmas Collection for you!


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